Police Line - Being Crossed!

I always thought being a police officer ment that you were shown respect by the public. Now I totally understand complaining about the cop who gave you a ticket for only doing 4 over ~ trust me I've been there done that (before meeting my hubby of course!) But any other time I always thought of police officers as THE LAW, public servants, people who deserve respect. After marrying a police officer I had even more respect for the job they do considering what they get PAID! My husband has to wear a bullet proof vest to work, deals with people who are having a bad day most of the time, sometimes having the worst day of their life, and is shown no respect, no gratitude and could die doing it. Tonight I met Andrew at Burger King for dinner - high class I know but I will take what I can get. They do give him a discount when he is in uniform. However from the moment we walked in people were staring us down! I mean glaring! Every once in awhile I've seen people do that but tonight it was everyone in the resteraunt! One couple who was leaving walked by our table and made pig noises at me - ME (Andrew doesn't know they made noise he was waiting for our food - I just said they stared me down)! What did I do? Apparently I am equally hated for being married to a police officer! This of course spurred a discussion between us. I am going on about how I just don't understand why people HATE police officers sooooo much. And what are the chances of someone coming after me and the boys due to the fact that Andrew is an officer. I told him I don't choose to live my life that way -(he got all worried) - meaning I choose NOT to live in constant fear. He said that was good but not to be naive either - since apparently I can be a naive farm girl! While I think eating dinner with a police officer makes me safer it actually puts me at risk. I think having a police car present at our house several times a week makes us safer it actually makes us a target. So I suggested that the chances of someone actually targeting or harming us in St. Joe being small he says it's actually an equal chance, it only takes one person.
Ah well one more reason I can't wait to move out of the city limits! And the funniest part is that Andrew is soooooooooo soft spoken! If you met him off duty the only thing that might give him away is his haircut - people think he's military all the time. I tease him that he's the cop you WANT to get pulled over by cause he gives out more warnings than anything. I tell ya I am sure being a police officer is tough but being married to one I think I got him beat!



  1. Oh Tessa, that is just awfule noises at you because of your husband. My dad used to be a cop in the army and he dealt with a lot of this too and that was over 20 years ago. It never changes, yet who is the person you call when someone has harassed you, robbed from you, hit your car or hurt you? Yup, the same people that they show no respect for. ((((HUGS))))

  2. I think being a police officers wife would be more fearful that safe haven for me. But rather, my fear is of their safety... but let me remind you... I called LOWE's when Paul didn't come home when he said he would... not to be a nag... but I was paranoid he was laid up dead somewhere. I called him 8 times tonight just to make sure he got to his hotel safely. EIYE!

    Your a strong women... throw some of that my way chick!


  3. sorry to hear about your experience in McD's Tessa...how awful :( Maybe those people who made the noises were on the wrong side of the law, why else would they do it!!!! I don't know if it is the same over here as I don't know any police officers, though it is more than likely as there is a general lack of respect for authority these days, how sad :(

  4. oh Tessa sooo sorry to hear that... you would think people would be grateful for their safety and someone else who puts their life on the line to do so for them... You are a strong girl for being married to an officer... but good for you!!

  5. I LOVE COPS! I've always loved them and I wanted to be one. But then I got into computers and design, and... Anyway, I think it is awful that you had to experience what you did and I can understand that it could make you afraid. My father was a highly ranked politician in my native country at the time of a serious political turmoil - not fun. We had threatening phone calls, nasty words on the street, all of it. And yet, I was so proud of him for staying true to himself and trying to change others regardless of "public" opinion and pressures. You should be proud of your husband for trying to make this world better and safer place for everyone, not just his family. Isn't that one of the reasons you love him? Stay strong...

  6. Heather7/20/2008

    I have respect for all law enforcement. We know and have many friends that are cops and Pray for their safety and the safety of their families every day!!!

  7. people can be so awful! My father is a police officer, we were always taught not to tell people that...for our saftey


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