Younique Brilliant and Awake {Cleanser and Moisturizer}

I finally got around to ordering my free products from my Younique Party - {See my Fiber Lash Mascara Review HERE} And it came yesterday! 

I chose two of their skin care products. Awake - a cleanser and Brilliant a moisturizer. The both retail for $39

The kids and I went to the pool and I thought it would be great to try it out right away when we got home!
My face still had my pre-pool make up on it plus had been sweaty and splashed with chlorine at the pool - it felt nasty! What better test?
Awake comes in the above tube with a silver lid. According to the website it is made with Garden Chrysanthemum (not sure how that is different than any other chrysanthemum), Aloe Vera and Licorice Root. I thought it was a nice sized tube which is good considering the price on the higher end if you ask me!

I was surprised to see it was silver when it came out! It is a nice thick creamy cleanser. It made a great lather with just a little water. It is not gritty at all it's definitely NOT a scrub - however I could feel all the dirt and grit and grime it was taking off my face! No joke! It was amazing! It has a light fresh clean scent. My face felt great after using it!

The second product I earned is the Brilliant Moisturizing Gel - According to the website it is made with natural silver, ginseng and pearl powder from freshwater pearls. It s the coolest looking stuff! These little white balls suspended in a clear gel.

You scoop out a little ball with some gel, crush the ball, mix with fingers and apply. I had just come from 3+ hours at the pool so this was nice and cool on my face. There seemed to be a LOT of gel so I scooped some out and rubbed it all over my shoulders and stretch marks (I have read it's good for those). It felt great! Hours later my face still felt great! It felt nice and soft and smooth! I took some pictures so I can compare after using it for awhile!
Sadly this product is retiring but they are coming out with a new moisturizer. I can't imagine what it will be like!
I am considering becoming an Independent Presenter - what do you think?
Are you a presenter? What advice do you have for me?

Find Joy in the Journey,

Mani Monday Jamberry

For this week's mani Monday I decided to try out some Jamberry Nail Wraps. I originally got them for Ava but she doesn't like the hair dryer! Silly girl!

Mani Monday Water Marbleing

I am so excited to share my Mani with you today! I finally attempted and nailed (pun intended) Water Marbling! I have seen this technique all over pinterest and instagram and blogs but was really nervous to try! Then I saw a KIT using China Glaze polish at Sally's and figured it was time to try!

In addition to the kit I used Juleps smoothing base coat and top coat and my lovely purple scotch tape! The kit had all 4 China Glaze colors shown and the orange stick. It also had a little cup to even do the water part in but I just used a bowl.

I started by applying Julep's smoothing basecoat to my ridgy nails and then painting my ring fingers with the white China Glaze from the kit.

I then taped off the finger to make clean up a lil easier!

Then you drop polish into a bowl of warmish water the first try I did this the second I dropped one color on top of the other - that worked better! You must do this quickly and swirl the colors together until you get a design you like.
Then you turn your finger over and dip your nail directly into the area you want and hold for about 10 seconds. Then use the orange stick to pull the extra polish in the water away from your nail. Sorry I didn't get pictures for this part I was concentrating too much on actually doing it!

This is what it will look like! Peel off the tape and Viola!

Water Marbled Nails! I went back and touched this up some more then painted the rest of my nails plain using all the colors from the set.

Finish with top coat! I love how it turned out! This is my left hand. Don't you love how my pinkie on the left always sticks out! Thinking it's cause it's been broken!

And this my right. All done!

What do you think?

Find Joy in the Journey,

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