Chalk Countdown Charger

Hello! How has your day been? Did you have to work today? I didn't! YAY! The kiddos were all off too. I have spend the day cooking, baking and crafting and I can't wait to share my creations with you so don't forget to follow me on BLOGLOVIN to see what I come up with next! My husband took my car in to be inspected and licence today before having to work tonight and tomorrow BUT it is his LAST week as a Patrol officer! He starts Detectives on Monday, December 1! We are pretty excited about it!  But anyway on to the second craft from my Girls Crafting Day this past Saturday with my lovely friend Cheri in her new house!

To make this craft you will need:
Your choice of large plastic charger
Chalkboard paint
Foam paintbrush
Letter Stickers
Ribbon  and Bow Tying Skills or Pre-made Bow
Adhesive Rhinestones (optional)
Plate Stand (optional)

First lay down newspaper or plastic bags to protect your surface. Be sure to mix chalkboard paint before starting,

Then paint the center of your charger with the chalkboard paint. We found dabbing it on thick for the first coat worked better than painting with strokes. Then go back and dab in missed areas. I then gave mine a second coat - it dries very nice and smooth!

Next I added a strip of adhesive red rhinestones around the center of the charger. I wanted mine to be really blinged out! It was super easy I just peeled off the strips of rhinestones and lined them up! I love how it added to the finished project and brought it all together!

After the paint dries add your letter stickers starting with "Christmas" and then centering the other words above it. You can see where I messed up and had to repaint! I hate centering letters! You can see this in my scrapbook layouts because I almost always but letter stickers for titles on a straight edge or purposefully crooked!

Finally use ribbon to make a bow if you are capable of doing so....or buy a pre-made bow (like me) and attach with hot glue gun!

And there you have it! A custom easy countdown charger! I love how mine looks and it will look great with my red, white, and silver, Candy Cane themed decor!

Here is Cheri's almost finished. I love hers too! She went with a more rustic burlap look but it is equally fabulous!

What do you think? Thanks for looking! Feel free to pin!
Find Joy in the Journey,

Wine Bottle Santas

How is your week going? Mine is GREAT! Only two work days this week! I tried a Chestnut Praline Latte at Starbucks this morning (because they were out of Salted Caramel AND Caramel Brulee) and it was pretty good!I am ready to start cooking the next few days for Thanksgiving. I don't have to do the whole meal because we are going to my Mom's Friday for Thanksgiving it will be our first Thanksgiving their since Dad died three years ago. Thanksgiving is so hard for me with the memories of Dad attached to it. We will g0 visit his grave site too. Anyway didn't mean to be a downer! Let's check out the craft I have to share with you today! This past weekend I got to visit my dear friend Cheri at her beautiful new house! We planned two pinterest crafts and each bought materials for one and then shared! First we chose these wine bottle Santas. I am sharing it first so you can start saving wine bottles!

For this project you will need:
Wine Bottles with the labels removed.
Red Spray paint - I LOVE the Red Shimmery one we used (from Hobby Lobby)
a dowel (to hold the bottles when painting)
Jute or Twine
Thick Black Ribbon
Small Crystals ( the strips work best!)
Large Crystals
Jingle Bells (optional)

First - Spray paint the bottles outside (on a NON-windy day preferably) using the dowel. Let dry.

Then wrap Jute or Twine around the top and bottom securing with hot glue. I found the bottom to be tricky and need hot glue all the way around the bottom first layer of jute. This really helps hold the base and keep it from coming off of the bottom.

Next Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the bottle and glue down.

Finally add the bling "buckle" outline, and bling buttons.

You can also add a couple jingle bells if you would like. I left the jute off of the middle bottle and plan to leave off the buttons and maybe add jingle bells to it or black bling buttons. 

What do you think?!?!? I love how they turned out! These would be cute on a buffet or mantle. You could also use them as candle stick holders!

Find Joy in the Journey,

My first Indie Polish!

Last full week of classes before Thanksgiving! YAY! I have a craft day planned with a good friend this weekend at her beautiful new house as well! So let's get this week started!!!

I finally ordered an indie polish! It is from Mango Bunny an etsy shop. I ordered Pinkie Sense and Fabulousity inspired by My Little Ponies, my daughter LOVES My Little Pony so I HAD to order some for us to share! I love this polish! It goes on great, great coverage in 2 coats and only $6.50 a bottle, shipping is reasonable as well!

Just look at all that glitter! The only very small issue I had was with the top/applicator and that could just be my hands not being used to the size/style of the top. Definitely a minor issue!

And another shot of all that fabulous glitter! I can't wait to try some different styles with this polish! What do you think???

Find Joy in the Journey,

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