Twilight Countdown Day 1

Oh and there will be some kandy at the end of the week so be SURE to check in daily and comment daily! Today I will start with an overview of the books and how I got hooked and why!
I first heard about the Twilight books on Serendipity Scrapbooks message board - someone was asking about what everyone was reading and they started talking about them. I wasn't the slightest bit interested!!!!! I'm not sure why cause I love to read but for some reason I was AGAINST reading them! I think I thought they were going to be gory, gross, overly suggestive and I am just not into that. So I shelved them in my mind under "not interested". Then early October I discovered the Unity forum on SCS and discovered Hip Hop! All these girls were discussing the books too! They kept mentioning them and I will admit this time I was curious! Then they had a Twilight challenge - to create a card inspired by the books. Then I learned some of their stamps were even inspired by the books! That was it I could take it NO longer! I HAD to see what the hype was all about! At this point I didn't even know there was a movie coming out! LOL yes I live under a rock! I still didn't think I would like them but at least I would know what everyone was talking about! I read Twilight on a Friday night um let me explain better I stayed up until 2 am reading cause I couldn't put it down!!!!! I was hooked I bought New Moon the next Friday and read it that night and went Saturday and got both Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and read both of them that weekend. So all four books in 4 days!!!! Ridiculous I know! And then I was mad! I had nothing to look forward too! I had read them too fast! Course now I am re-reading them. The hardest one for me I think was New Moon - I had to force myself through it - but it was worth it! Breaking Dawn also had parts I had trouble with. I also have read the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer's webpage. Midnight Sun is the partially released book that is Twilight but from Edward's pov! I can't wait for the full book to come out!
I have been obsessed with books before - Harry Potter comes to mind - I love them too and have read them all - I think part of that was the anticipation of wating for the next one. I was so sad when that saga was over as well. It had encompassed several YEARS of my life though. This is more intense having read all of them in such a short time!
I also love the shopaholic books by Sophi Kinesella but to to the obsessive point! That movie is coming out also! YAY!
The Twilight books are incredible! The language is expressive and of a nature that you don't often see anymore! They maybe set in high school but they reach people at a VERY wide array of age groups. They are not blood and guts and gore like one might expect from a VAMPIRE book. They are soft and romantic and amazing - ok so I already said that didn't I?! I love them because I like Bella never fit in during HS. I was a bit clumsy though not to the degree that she is. And I would love for someone to be as in love with me as Edward is with her! The things he says to her! NO ONE says things like that anymore! I want my husband to be more like Edward!
Anyway this week I will be featuring Twilight inspired projects so more focused than others and will be discussing some subjects from the books. You can look forward to:
Team Edward or Team Jacob
Why I love Alice!
The Meadow
Cover Art Inspiration
and whatever else I come up with!

Today's Question: Have you read ANY of the books? Which ones? post a reply and make sure you ANSWER the question for an entry into the drawing for Twilight Candy



  1. I've read them ALL and am so addicted it's not even funny!! I soooo can't wait for the movie!!

  2. I have read them all.
    And I LOVED them all.
    I did not like book 2 so much when I was reading it- however by the time I finished the 4th- I got the 2nd better.
    I am going Sat. before scraping to see the movie!

  3. I've read all 4! Like you I only recently discovered them! I pretty much DEVOURED the four books over a two week time span - they just consumed me! I'd agree with everything you've written about them - so not your typical books and whoda thunk it to go look in they kids section. After the movie opens (and I see it), I'm going to start the series over again and see what I missed the first time around!

  4. hahahaha. I was totally like you. Completely!!! And got sucked in just as fast and hard! Read them all, love them...depressed the story isn't continuing. What happened to my life?

  5. I've read them all! Working on re-reading the first one before I see the movie Saturday! :)
    The 2nd book was a struggle, lol, and the last book really surprised me! Love it all!
    xoxo, margie

  6. I have read all of them. I am currently finishing Breaking Dawn. I have to finish it as I have been having way too many Twilight dreams! (Maybe I shouldn't read it before bed!)

  7. Right I am convinced, i am off to order the first one now.

  8. I always kept hearing about these books...but, because it was labeled young adult, I said no. Well, I finally gave in this August...and I am so hooked. I have read all of them. They were all wonderful! The 2nd one was sad, but, I think it had to happen for the story to play out.

  9. Read all four plus Midnight Sun draft in 4.5 days. LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for the candy chance!

  10. I am sorry to say that I have not read any of them. Sad, huh?! I was actually the opposite, I did not know about the books until I seen Stephanie on tv talking about the movie coming out. I am not against reading them, I just haven't got around to it yet. They are on my oldest daughters Christmas list so I will have to borrow them. lol

  11. It sounds like we're all in the same boat here - I read the four books in about a week or so. I could not BELIEVE that I was finding all that time to read! I am re-reading them right now for the third time, and each time I'm sad to see the books end! Of course, now we can all look forward to seeing the movie, and we can pray that Stephenie Meyer decides to finish Midnight Sun. That would make me happy!

  12. Tracy B.11/19/2008

    I started reading the series Feb 2007 for bookclub and have been HOOKED ever since. I am trying to finish Breaking Dawn before I see the movie this weekend.


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