In case you have been living under a ROCK and didn't know ~ the movie Twilight comes out this Friday!!!!!! It is a movie based on the FIRST book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. I am sooooooo excited even though I won't be able to go see it Friday - more like over Thanksgiving break!
This post will stay at the top of my blog this week so make sure you scroll down for projects and questions and such!
This week on Kraf*t*y Mama we will be doing a Twilight Countdown! I will feature projects inspired by the books and be discussing them! So don't read if you are in process of reading and don't want anything spoiled!
There will be KANDY! Saturday morning I will be giving away KANDY there is a variety of ways to win!
You will get one entry per comment on my daily countdown projects!
You will get one entry per answer to daily Twilight questions!
You will get one entry per Twilight Challenge projects linked to appropriate post!
So you could have LOTS of entries.


  1. Wow this sounds like fun...

  2. YOU ARE SO BAD!!!!!! I just went and bought the whole set off Trade me (our equiv of Ebay):)
    Hope they are worth it, if not I'll fly over and have stern words with you.lol.

  3. Love Twilight! My tickets are purchased and my dd's and I have a special evening planned. Dinner and a movie, just the girls!
    I just got an email that my collectors edition of the series is in the mail! can't wait!

  4. This does sound like fun! Thanks for the info!

  5. This is so fun! I can't wait until the movie comes out!

  6. Hey Tessa--I followed you over from SCS -- I've been posting in the Twilight thread over there. You have so much Twilight happening here -- it's great!

  7. Tracy B.11/19/2008

    How exciting!!! Can't wait. Loved the books and everyone has my copies:) "Let me at the movie!" jerryb17011@yahoo.com

  8. WooHoo everybody loves Kandy! I am sneaking out and leaving my DD with the hubs to go see it Sat afternoon!

  9. Heather H11/20/2008

    Still trying to get into that first book!! I know once I get into it I will be hookedd.!!

  10. Tracy B.11/20/2008

    It is sooo great to see others excited and jazzed about the book and movie:) jerryb17011@yahoo.com

  11. We are sold out in our theater. No tickets until next week. My daughter is Dying to see the movie. She's read ALL the books. She devours them in a single day. Can't wait to finally see the movie.

  12. OK, what's all the fuss about Twilight- is this the new Harry Potter? I haven't read it or seen the movie - but I'm interested!


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