Fabulous Friday Four - 13th edition!

Ok so maybe these things aren't fabulous - but they are things appropriate for today! Friday the 13th! Bwahhhhhhh!

4 things that FREAK me out!

1. Sirens - HATE them! (cops wife and I can tell when it's Police, Ambulance or Fire!)
2. The little bits of food that get stuck in the drain! EW!
3. Heights - not so much a fear of them more a fear of FALLING (I can rock climb but you will NEVER get me to bungee or skydive)
4. My boys getting hurt! After Kaden's accident I am sooo paranoid. I won't leave the boys with a sitter (other than our wonderful daycare provider or family), I am obsessive about them on the playground, it's bad! I am working on loosening up though. That was just the single most horrible thing I have ever gone through that I REALLY don't want to EVER again! I was a total wreck for days, weeks it still effects me!


1 comment:

  1. Sadly enough, now that I live in Oklahoma, when you said "sirens", I automatically thought of tornado sirens. I hate them probably has much as you hate your sirens. :-)


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