Pink Eye, Ear Infection, Allergies and More!

That is what we are dealing with in our house right now! So sorry but I am simply too tired to post anything much right now! Perhaps tomorrow!!!! Oh and who knew pink eye was SO expensive! We are at $150 WITH INSURANCE!



  1. Poor Tessa! I remember two years ago, on New Years Day, all three of the boys woke up with pink eye! Thank god our pediatrician met us at the office instead of having to go to the ER! My husband ended up getting it too, but we just used the eye drops we had already gotten for the boys! Hope everybody heals soon!

  2. Anonymous2/10/2009

    Sorry to hear you are having pink eye issues. That is not a fun thing to deal with. I had 2 of my kids get it last year along with me. Yuck! I hope everyone is better soon.

  3. Hope you all feel 100% before you know it!! hugs and miss you!

  4. YIKES! Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. Poor You!!!! Hugs and get well wishes from me.

  6. Hope you all feel better soon!

  7. poor tess!! hang in there!

  8. OhMy, hope y'all are feeling better :)
    Hugs, xoxo

  9. That's terrible Tessa! I hope you guys are doing better now since it's a few days later. Can't believe the $150!!!

  10. Oh no! Hope everyone is better soon!


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