Pop Rocks Valentines

 It's almost Valentine's Day! I have never been a big fan of the holiday myself. Before marrying Handyman if I wasn't dating it was just torture and if I was dating someone there was way to much pressure! Now that I am married and have littles it's kinda fun! This year we are making pizza with heart shaped pepperoni and red velvet cupcakes. K Man gets to build a box which means Boo will probably want to also! I actually planned ahead this year for K Mans valentines and decided to use Pop Rocks.
Do you remember Pop Rocks?!?!?

They were the coolest candy when I was a kid - one thing I actually like from the 80's!
Well I looked around our town and couldn't find any so I ordered them from Amazon!
And wouldn't you know they now have ones that turn into gum! Even cooler to a 1st grader!
I made them pretty simple since K Man likes crafting but gets tired and with 24 to make needed to be simple (and let's be honest all but the candy will be in the trash within minutes).
I made a template up on PSE and printed it out with Happy Valentine's Day on the front with room to stamp.
On the back it had To: and From: Kaden printed so all he had to do was write his classmates names (all 24 of them). We then used PTI's Signature Greeting set to stamp Dude you Rock in red on the boys and Girly you rock in pink on the girls. It was easy it was fun I should have left more room but oh well!


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