Monday Made It - Starting to Panic!

So I get home at 10:15 Sunday night from a trip to the in-laws and I think SWEET plenty of time to work on my Monday made it post for 4th Grade Frolics - WRONG! She's already posted it! Oh well! So then I had been contemplating consolidating my blogs, which I decided to do! And so Now it's 11:15 and I am up working on my blog! And I have to tutor tomorrow! I have LESS than one month before my darling kiddos will be walking through that door the first day of school and I think I am about to be in Panic mode! There is so much more I want to do before school starts! Thank goodness the in-laws kept the older two for the whole week! Time to get my hiney in gear! So I am going to finish my Monday Made It. Finish this post then work on my blog some more! So it's now Monday at 815 and I am trying to quickly finish this up!! I was up till 1 am working on the blog! Still needs work I know! But onto Monday Made it!

Up first this is a little door sign I made for my Origami owl convention with my cameo! Love that thing! Get it 2 MO owls cause we're from Missouri?!?

And next up is a shirt I made with my cameo and heat transfer vinyl and an iron!!! How cool is that anyone can make super cute shirts at home!
I am going to include a quickie tutorial!

1. Choose or create your design in the design studio or your choice of software I use Sure cuts a lot or Scal.

2. Flip your design especially if you have words or they will be backwards!

3. Cut your HTV backing side up

4. Weed off extra HTV clear sticky front will still be there

5. Center your design on your shirt.

6. Press each section with iron on about a 4 setting with no steam!

7. Gently peel clear piece off design checking for parts that didn't adhere. 

8. I like to go over the whole thing real quick after the plastic piece is off.

9. Wear and enjoy!

This cute little dot banner cover for your note books!

And you can get it for FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop! HERE!
Please leave me a rating if you do download it! 
And Follow me if you are so inclined! I would love it!

So now I am getting busy and the next couple weeks you are gonna see all kinds of Made its! (school related too!)

Find Joy in the Journey!

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