4 for Friday - Resolutions

First 4 for Friday in the New Year! Whoo Hoo! So why not do 4 New Years Resolutions!??!?! You will see mine go along with my word of the year believe!

1. Believe that water is as important as air to life!

I will be the first to admit that I am HORRIBLE about drinking water! I hate water for some reason! They only water I willingly drink is Starbucks! And that's after a venti salted caramel mocah (skinny)! I know water is good for me, I know it cleanses and purifies and carries away fat and it's even been show to help people like me with allergies - I KNOW! But I still REALLY struggle with drinking it! So if you know me stop by Starbucks and bring me a venti ice water next time you are coming my way! - yes you Libby Jordan, and Natalie Bush!

2. Believe that Saving money is as fun and rewarding as spending it!

This is my take on saving money! I am a spender! It stems from my depression! (Gettin real this year remember!) But that is a whole 'nuther story! I like buying stuff! I love to shop! For me, for the kids, for work, for my hubby for gifts, heck even for groceries! There are so many things about shopping that I like I can't even begin to explain! It makes me feel good, it gets me out of the house and away for a bit, it gets me out and around people which even if I am not interacting with them I love to people watch! I love shopping with friends, by myself, with my kids (if I am in the right mood and have plenty of time and it's summer!) SOOOOO shopping generally involves spending money, which I need to NOT do - so I am trying to find ways to make saving money as fun as spending it!

3. Believe in myself!

I am a pretty neat person! No really I am! I am a kind-hearted, honest, creative, loyal, fierce friend, compassionate, giving person who just happens to be disorganized, anxiety ridden and a wee bit high maintenance! I focus so much on my negative qualities that I forget all about the posititive ones and I don't let people see my true self! I need to have faith that if I let people see me and what's in my heart that they will like me for who I am and be ok with it if they don't! Believe that there is something wrong with them - not me!

4. Believe that your children are only going to be this age once get off the gadgets and be with them at this age!

I do NOT want to start another Dear Mom on the iphone - of course I read that and cried and cried feeling like the worst mom ever - then I read the Dear Mom Judging Me and Another Perspective and felt better! The point is technology is here to stay and we are going to be on our phones, tablets and computers! My point is to unplug and really BE with my children for quality time! As the mom in the second article points out you can be zoned out even without a gadget!  So when it is work time on the computer that's ok! Or if mommy needs some facebook, twitter or instagram fun it's OK, but when it's kiddo time - unplug and focus on the 3 darling little people that give my life purpose!

Find Joy in the Journey,

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