I tried a Graze box and I liked it!

Have you heard of Graze?
I had seen similar snack boxes and then ran across this one while blurfing (blog surfing).
The first one is free with a referal code so I thought what the heck?
It came yesterday!

What is it?
 A 4 week or 2 week box of 4 snacks from Graze.com

They are a GREAT snacking alternative to chips or candy!

How does it work?
Sign up for your first box for FREE HERE. (I will get $1 off my next box, or be able to donate a $1 to Uganda if you use this link)
There are two boxes: The nibbler which I get which is all 90+ of Graze's healthy snacks and the Calorie Counter box which are options that are only 50-150 calories!

You can then go in and look at all the available snacks and rate them based on how well you think you will like them.
For instance I HATE vinegar so I chose to Trash (not ever receive) the Salt and Vinegar nuts.

They also have info on non-vegan, non-celiac, and non dairy so you can "trash" those to not receive the. The snacks are all prepared in the same place though so they may come in contact with these foods.

How much is it?
Well your first box AND your 5th are free with my link above but the others are $6 with shipping!

What I received and how I liked it

Florentine - dark chocolate buttons, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries -
 TRY - this was ok but not my favorite I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate but since it's the better one for you I am trying to develop a greater appreciation for it!

Texan Corn Salsa - corn chips, salsa almonds and roasted corn -
 LOVE - this was so yummy! I loved the almond most, it has just a hint of spice not too much (honestly I could have taken more heat!) I like spice but I am not one of those Ultimate Blazin Buffalo wings people either.

Banofee Pie - toffee bits, banana coins, pecans, almond slivers - 
LOVE - this was my second favorite by a very small margin! I thought the bananas would be chips but they were chewy, and something about this mix is just amazingly perfect!

Coco Paradise - milk chocolate, cranberries, coconut flakes -
 LIKE - this was good and the milk chocolate kept it at a like instead of just a try!


I am incredibly pleased with this first box and the overall concept and way the company works! I upped my subscription to 2 weeks instead of 4! I really hope this helps me loose some weight as I am always snaking at school and these are good choices!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or shoot me an email!

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