Trying something New!

I have never been a big fan of medicine. It always makes me feel "funny". I used to resist it at all costs - to the point I would pass out from pain! True story! So I finally started accepting some medicines but still didn't care for the way they made me feel.

Over all I am pretty darn healthy! 
My major medical issues include
Severe Seasonal Allergies
Frequent Headaches ranging from mild to migraine
Wicked That Time of the month

I have taken medication for all of these and in my opinion they ALL have bad side effects or make me feel "funny".

I have had to take other medication for things and never liked it much! Ranging from vomiting to allergic reactions, to knocking me out cold.

One medicine in particular when I came off of it which coincided with that time of the month had some incredibly ill effects that I would REALLY like to never think about again. ever.

I have know about "essential oils" since I was a kid.
My mom used to buy them to put in our humidifier to make the house smell good.
I know lavender pillow spray helps me sleep.
I know lemon is a diuretic.
I know we give the kids peppermints during testing to help with "mental focus".

I had NO idea how much I didn't know!

At the beginning of the school year I had a parent who gave me a back to school gift with some oils.
We started a conversation about them and that led to her giving me some more samples and I tried them out, they helped and smelled nice.
This led to a LOT of research on my part about essential oils. - It is long and boring and I will post a page with links if you are interested!

Enter two friends at a scrapbook crop - Love you Suz and Christie!
We hung out all weekend at the Craft House talking about all kinds of things. I had know Christie for 6 years but just met Suz.
Shortly after they started posting all kinds of "oil" posts on faceboook.
I was curious and began checking out this company they mentioned, I found I had ran across it multiple times in previous research.
So in January I decided to try one of their oils - Panaway

It is supposed to help with headaches.
I had an accident 3 years ago where I passed out and fell straight back onto a concrete floor!
The doctors told me then that I would have frequent headaches for the rest of my life due to wear I hit my head. Considering the force of the blow I was thankful that was all the damage besides the concussion and immediate pain.
I had my first migraine the summer after that blow. I had never had a full blown migraine before and I didn't know what was going on! I didn't know what to do and I couldn't take anything because I was pregnant.
I was reduced to spending two days, in a dark room throwing up, crying! For two days!

I tried the oil I was given by the parent on my headache and it worked I tried it on my migraine and it helped, not completely got rid of but helped.

So I decided to try Panaway as it is a blend, the other oil I tried was a single oil.
It worked on my regular headache!
That was it I was sold!
I just recently purchased a kit of oils from Young Living to see what else it can help me with!
I can't wait to share my oil experiences with you!
 I also plan on some DIY scrubs and such too!

Find Joy in the Journey,


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE this! I have a lot of tightness and muscle pain from a recent surgery. Any alternative to over the counter meds are a must have! Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for your comment Anni! I hope it helps!

  2. Just got my kit today and already using it for my cold and i definitely feel better! Going to try it on my girls tonight who NEVER sleep through the night and ALWAYS end up in my bed! Cant wait to see how well it works!


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