Color Run Fun

So if you know me I am not a when my friend Natalie wanted me to do the color run with her I was like..UM Hello?!? Me? I don't run! She assured me I wouldn't have to! So I agreed to do it! 

Well yesterday was the day for it! We were originally part of a larger team but they all backed out (who does that), and so we didn't decide to do our cute shirts and tutus till Friday! (yes the day before the run) and stayed up till midnight making them and had to get up at 5 am! (don't do that it makes it that much more exhausting). But I am so glad we did the shirts and tutus! It made the whole thing that much more fun!
I did the color run in Kanasas City, MO at Arrowhead/Kaufman Stadium. It was crazy! There were so many people, I joked we did a 5k from the car to get to the check in! Maybe not quite but still a long walk!

Here we are at the starting line after checking in and running to the store for sunglasses!
Our shirts are from Pitch Perfect one of our favorite movies to Scrapbook to!
Aren't our tutus great! I loved it!

At the starting line they start you in waves every few minutes. I scored a purple! bracelet at the start!

We decided quite quickly to try out the sweatbands from the swag bag! I can't even tell you how much they helped! It was so hot!!! This was our Yellow Selfie after running through the yellow zone. We did a selfie after every color! Yes we are nuts! It's part of the fun!
Here is the back of our shirts again from Pitch Perfect. And you can see the strap of the Swag Bag with all our goodies! There were tons of people just walking, we walked some and ran slowly jogged some, there were all ages, people with strollers, wagons, wheel chairs, it was great!

After we finished we got water and Kind Bars (yummy). Then we got to participate in the Color Dance Party! It was crazy! Color everywhere! Oh and the color? Just colored cornstarch - totally safe!

Here's a selfie after the color party! I am a hot colorful mess! And I totally wanna do it again!

So to recap here are some dos and don'ts just from my personal experience!'

DO wear a tutu or fun costume!
DON'T stay up late making it the night before.
DO get there early or stay in a hotel if possible!
DONT stress it is for fun!
DO go to the store before the run - we did and there was no line!
DON'T think anything with you is covered enough to NOT get color on it! EVERYTHING will have color on it!
DO take lots of pictures! There are lots of photo opportunities!
DON'T forget that it is an athletic event and you will be very tired and sore after especially if you don't work out on a regular basis!
DO go with friends and have a great time!!!

Come back tomorrow to see my Color Run Nails for Mani Monday!

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