LtoR: Cheri, Me holding Adelaide

That's a heck of alot of acronyms I know!
First off PSE - Photoshop Elements - I made it back down to KC and to Nebraska Furniture Mart and I got my PSE - for PC's!!!!! It is all installed and everything but it is much harder than I thought. I have done little bits with it but not much!!!! If anyone out there has any tips or links to PSE for dummies I would greatly appreciate it! I am used to being good at things and picking up on things quickly - this not so much - which scares me cause if I am not good at something I tend to not do it and I WANT to use PSE in general and try some digi!
On my little trip to KC I got to meet a PSF - Pretend Scrampin Friend!!! I got to meet one of the girls I met on SCS - more specifically the Poochy Mamas - actually when we met we were Preggos! I got to meet Cheri and her little doll baby Adelaide! We had so much fun! It was so cool to finally meet this wonderful friend I have been chatting with for over a year! We shopped and ate lunch and went to a scrapbook store! I can't wait to do it again!
IRL - In Real Life - My summer is CRAZY - I thought summer was a time to slow down, relax - so much for that! Summer is slipping by so quickly and I am not getting nearly as much done as I wanted! I have finsihed two layouts and a set of altered letters that I need to get pics take of and then I will have some new stuff for ya!



  1. you three take a great picture.

  2. You will love using photoshop. just search for photoshop tutorials and there are lots out there. Best way is just to try things. Have fun.

  3. You'll get the hang of PSE...don't worry! Try digital scrapping me or pm me at Serendipity and I'll get a list together for ya. ;)

  4. It sounds like you had fun!

  5. PSE is giving me a bleeding ulcer, I swear. LOL! I'm a Picasa user and nothing could be more simple for photo editing than that. Limited, yes. Complicated, no. Good luck with it!

  6. hee,hee! tess looks shorter than me!!! it was totally awesome to meet you and i can't wait to meet up again! i am glad you came down and i am so happy we were able to *chat* IRL!!!

  7. heather7/14/2008


  8. wow, you have been busy

  9. You look great chica!! No more pooch!!


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