Fashion from Mama!

Many of you probably don't know that I was once a FASHIONISTA!
My whole world revolved around fashion and clothes and SHOES!
I don't really have the time and money to keep it up now with my two boys and hubby and demanding job (not in the fashion industry).
But that doesn't mean I don't still watch fashion trends - though I am more of a classic girl than a trendy one! And I like to be current at least!
So I thought I would share with you my 4 Fashion Finds for Summer-
these are items you MUST have to be hip this summer- if you are concerned with such things!

1. COLOR - yikes this is the HARDEST thing for me - I am not a bright color girl!
But it's straight from the runway! Especially yellow!
My fave pic this yellow polka-dot top from Forever 21
Isn't it cute?!?
Get it HERE!

2. The Gladiator Sandals - not sure about this one either - they look a little scary to me! But you can go as bold or delicate as you wish!
I prefer these delicate ones from Payless - check out Payless Shoes ONLINE! who knew?!?

Get them HERE!

3. Tribal - as in snake skin print animal prints etc. The trick to these is MODERATION! Don't go all out head to toe animal prints or you will look scary! But a focal piece a scarf or top or bag or these fabulous shoes will make you look fierce!
I just love these from DSW!
Can't get a pic so click the link HERE!

4. A white bag! Seriously how fun and fresh for summer! And it will look fab with those bright colors! Some great places to get one are TJ Maxx, Pennys, Payless, and Target.
I love this one from Payless!

Check it out HERE!



  1. Anonymous4/11/2009

    I love the yellow shirt and the purse. The gladiator sandels are just weird to me, but I'm sure very stylish. I'm not stylish, I just like girly things.

  2. That top is adorable! I soooo need to spice up my wardrobe! I used to be way more trendy! Thanks for the inspiration, Tessa! Good to hear from ya too! :) {{HUGS}}

  3. You sound much more upbeat! I'm glad to see that. Hope things stay bright in your world.

  4. Thank you for all the fashion tips -- my Fashionista days have been on hold with the kids around... everything these days has food on it... but i am glad to see that yellow is in... kind of blends with some of the food spitups that we have around here! Not sure about the gladiator sandals either... i don't know how my feet would look in them - but love the rest of the items -- esp. the white purse.. that just feels so springy and summery!! Thanks for the awesome tips Tessa!!! You should make a colum each week: Tessa's tips!!!

    sending you big hugs!
    Sankari :)

  5. I love that sunny top and the white bag! how fun!!!

  6. I love the yellow shirt! But the gladiator sandals I'm not so sure about!

  7. Thanks for the heads up on the fashion trend!

    I love the yellow shirt but it's not for me! When I was young, the gladiator sandels were in and even then I didn't like them!

  8. Love your fashion sense, very cute choices!

  9. Great items Tessa! I just adore the yellow polka dot top, that's too cute. Lovin' the white purse too, that is really nice for summer.
    Isn't sad when we lose that side of ourselves as mommies. Whenever I buy new clothes, it's surely not for me. I was just thinking that I'd like to splurge on myself a bit for summer, just a little :) Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


  11. I used to care about this stuff, I hope it's not horrible that I don't anymore. I do buy nice gym clothes as that's where I spend most of me time in this 50 more pound quest that I am beginning to make a dent in. But seriously, that yellow shirt is cute, and I must get a white purse for summer!!! I dress the girls cute, that counts for something, right??? My new year resolution was to lose the weight acquired since my first pregnancy and start dressing a little better a couple days a week, though! I am trying!

  12. cute outfit. your cards and scrapbook pages are awesome!

  13. gonna have to check out payless now ;)


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