4 for Friday - Favorite It Works Products

Well we are back to school today which is good one less to make up in May!
It's time for 
like my new graphic?
Today I am sharing with you my Favorite products from It Works. I have know about It Works for at least 3 years and have used their products for that long as well. And I can say they for sure They do work!

1. The Wraps - if you have heard of It Works at all it is probably because of the Wraps. It is a thin sheet infused with their body gel that you wrap around an area of your body that you want tightened. The most common is the belly but I have done my upper arms, thighs and more! It is suggested to wrap saran wrap around it to help it stay in place. It will feel cold and kind of tingle. You leave it on for 45 minutes or so then cut to free yourself and discard wrap and plastic and rub in leftover gel.

2. The Greens - I love these. I am not the best about eating my veggies and I love that I can make sure to get my servings in with two little scoops of powder in my morning OJ or smoothie.

3. Confianza

This product is the newest to me, but it is a game changer! 
I was on medicine for postpartum depression with Blake
 and just never really went off...until I did and it coinsided with that time of the month 
and IT WAS BAD! 
I got over that but always missed the feeling of being in control sometimes.
I met my friend Ashley Pratt (divine intervention I tell you) at our town's BIG Holiday Mart at a huge convention center. I knew about It Works but she told me about Confianza and I went home and ordered it!
The next day I had a vendor show for our school's PTO and I had to take my kids! All three of them!
The It Works rep there was helping me carry things in and talking to me about the company which I explained I knew about. I was setting up about 15 minutes later she walks over and says do you want a Confianza? I literally laughed out loud and said yes! Within 30 minutes I was calm, focused and not jittery and not without emotion!
4. Fat Fighter - The Cheater Pill
I love these for when I KNOW I am going to be at an event where eating is included and the options will be less than healthy! Everyone likes to indulge now and then and I certainly do. This pill helps not all those calories be absorbed. Simply take 1 withing an hour of a big carb loaded meal to help reduce the amount of fat and carbs absorbed by your body.

 Please feel free to learn more about It Works HERE.

There are affiliate links within this post. I will be rewarded with product or points if you were to click the links and join the Loyal Customer program. As always I only promote products I believe in and use my self and my opinions are my own.

Want me to feature YOUR direct sales company on a 4 for Friday? Message me or leave a comment with your info!

Find Joy in the Journey,

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