Splurge, Save or Skip? Kenra Blow Dry Spray

Being a REAL mom on a teacher and police officer's salary I can't afford to purcahse all the beauty products I would like without regard to cost. Darn! Right?
 I am guessing there are few people who really can.
 The added financial cost of 3 children and me possibly being unemployed soon has really added to that.
 I still love my beauty products and there are certain high ticket ones I can't live without but I thought maybe there were others out there wondering about products they have seen or heard about but were afraid to take the leap because of price.
 On the other hand there are so many dupes and alternatives but are they even at their lower price - worth it? Do they deliver worthwile results or will you just end up disapointed and frustrated with a product that you are unhappy with wondering if you should have bought the more expensive version?
So I thought I would start a feature on my blog called Splurge, Save or Skip?
Comparing products of different brands and helping you to decide wether you should SPLURGE on the higher priced item, SAVE and get a less expensive version or SKIP the product all together.
I plan on throwing in Reward Program info and more along the way!
So are you ready for the first product?

Kenra ProfessionalPlatinum Blow-Dry Spray worth the crazy price!
The 3.4 ounce bottle is $22!

I was first introduced to this spray by my stylist Mandy in September. When she sprayed it I immediately said "What is this and why is this the first time you have used it on me?
Turns out it was new to her too.

WHAT IT DOES: This spray claims to cut drying time, and protect your hair from heat of hair dryer, while detangling and softening.
REVIEW: It does all that and more while smelling amazing! I am able to dry my hair in literally HALF the time now which is AMAZING! It also helps to detangle it which is a huge plush with my super fine thin but large quantities of hair! The smell is absolutely incredible, I would buy a perfume, candle, lotion, pretty much anything in this scent!

COMPARED TO: I have tried all kinds of blow dry sprays/oils/balms and none of them reduce the dry time even close to what this one does or smell this good!

VERDICT: SPLURGE - totally worth it - it lasts a long time and you only need a small misting! 
Buy when you have special Ulta 20% off coupon or double or triple points!

Find Joy in the Journey,


  1. Great review!

    I tend to stay away from heat products because I'm prone to split ends... but I will definitely recommend this product to my mother-in-law! =)

    Linh @ blushology.net

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am prone to split ends also but haven't noticed this making them any worse! ;)


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